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Giving The Heads Up For Men's Hats As A Fashion Accessory

Since the dawn of time people have been wearing, I wouldn't say hats, but head coverings. Reaching back as early as primitive man, animal skins have been used to protect the head against the elements and to protect against falling objects or head injuries, these could be considered the earliest forms of men's hats.

  • 5 Aug 2017

Straw Hat: A Fashion Item Or A Casual Beachwear?

Think straw hats are for those who cannot afford real hats? Guess again. Several Hollywood celebrities have been spotted recently wearing a wide array of straw hats. From Panama hats to straw cowboy hats, straw is all the rage!

With many straw hats priced at $50 or less, they have become one of the trendiest fashion statements on the market.

  • 4 Jul 2017
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19 Jul 2017
Posted By Eileen N.

If You Have A Teenager You Know That They Have Their Own Fashion Trends

If you have a teenager, as I do, you know that teens have their own clothing styles and that having the latest fashion styles is vitally important to them. Teens tend to have their fingers on the pulse of the latest fashion trends, especially girls. Teenage boys these days also have their own style and way of doing things, such as the baggy pants style that has been popular for sometime now wear they wear their pants low revealing their boxer briefs.
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