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4 Jul 2017

Straw Hat: A Fashion Item Or A Casual Beachwear?


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Posted By Geoffrey H.

Think straw hats are for those who cannot afford real hats? Guess again. Several Hollywood celebrities have been spotted recently wearing a wide array of straw hats. From Panama hats to straw cowboy hats, straw is all the rage!

With many straw hats priced at $50 or less, they have become one of the trendiest fashion statements on the market. Not only do straw hats look cool, but they also help protect the delicate skin on your face from harmful UVA and UVB rays, the main component in skin cancer. As awareness of skin cancer continues to grow, you should definitely be seeing a hat to shade your facial skin from the harsh UVA and UVB rays that the sun emits. Not only does this prevent wrinkles, but it also helps prevent sun exposure that can lead to skin cancer. In fact, the American Cancer Society recommends wearing a hat on sunny days in addition to sunscreen.

Straw hats are comfortable to wear, contain completely natural materials and allow your head to breath so that overheating is not an issue. On top of the protective nature these hats provide, a straw hat is also completely fashionable and trendy. If you get caught in a rainstorm, it really doesn't matter because straw repels water. Don't worry about looking uncool! Even the celebrities are wearing straw!

Britney Spears and Jon Bon Jovi have both been out and about in straw cowboy hats. Lightweight and durable, straw cowboy hats are more popular than the real thing because they allow air to circulate ending that sweaty head feel that cowboy hats have been known for.

Leonardo Dicaprio and Hugh Jackman have both been spotted in trendy straw hats. Two very sexy men take what looks like a standard straw hat and turn it into a must-have accessory!

Paris Hilton has been seen around town in a huge straw hat. It definitely provides ample shade from the sun, something those with pale skin need!

With durability and price being the two main factors for many men and women, straw is the answer. Straw is water resistant in most cases. It is definitely lightweight and breaths better than felt or cotton

Straw is totally an organic product. It is made from a plant and is great for the environment! There are few different types of plants straw products are made of. Buntal is the best known raw material that is used in fashion accessories and apparel. The straw material used for fashion item is very different than the one that is used in the ropes and mats manufacturing process. Buntal material is a high quality, beautifully golden colored and durable. It is widely used in various fashion items - fashionable designer handbags and purses.

Straw hats are fashionable and fun. This is a winning combination for those who want to start wearing a hat to protect them from the sun but worry about how a hat will look. Celebrities are wearing straw, so why shouldn't you?


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